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Everything from dessert muffins, to breakfast muffins, even protein muffins. If it can be baked in a muffin tin, You’ll find it on OnlyMuffs


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With our expert bakers sharing the best tips and tricks your muffins will finally impress your friends and even gain the approval of your mother! (she always thought you were a failure, but WE’LL SHOW HER)


Common Questions

How do you make muffins fluffier? What is the difference between a muffin and cupcake? You can’t possibly fathom how much there is to know about muffins.

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Cookies take good care of you.

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Our Golden History

An American family business with a long history of baking

Everyone has that one recipe that reallys takes them back. For us, it was a crumble topped blueberry muffin that our Grandma would talk about eating as a child.

She called them Blueberry Cloud Muffins

And since then our family has made and loved so many different types of muffins you couldn’t believe it.

So many in fact, that we decided to make an online cookbook of every single recipe we have, so Only Muffs was born.

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“We take great care in everything we prepare, served with big smiles at a great value.”


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